About Us - Research, Evaluation, and Measurement (REM) Center

The South Carolina Arts Assessment Program (SCAAP) is operated by the Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (REM Center). The REM Center is an independent unit of the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. We offer a wide range of education-related evaluation, assessment, and research services to public and private agencies, including educational institutions, government agencies, museums, and other organizations. Our faculty and staff work with teams of research assistants and affiliated University faculty to plan, develop, and carry out program evaluation, assessment, and research projects.

With funding from the South Carolina Department of Education and support of the arts education community, the REM Center has developed SCAAP. Trained research staff in the REM Center provide guidance on item writing and assessment design. Content area experts are utilized to develop items and ensure alignment to standards. Administration through online systems are arranged in collaboration with the University Technology Services department at USC.