About Us - Partnerships

Because of the collaborative nature of SCAAP, several organizations and individuals are continuously involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the program. The South Carolina Arts Assessment Program partners with:

The Office of Program Evaluation

The SCAAP personnel consist  of a team  of research faculty, staff, and graduate students led by Dr. Ashlee Lewis in the Office  of Program Evaluation (OPE) at the  University of South  Carolina. Dr.  Lewis and the  team  perform tasks  related to the  educational measurement aspects of the  program as well  as the  administrative aspects  of the  program. Currently, the  SCAAP personnel advise  and support members of all Arts  Advisory Committees and also work  with staff  members from the  Web Services  group  at USC to maintain and continually update the  SCAAP website and improve its functionality.

The South Carolina Department of Education  (SCDE)

The SCAAP personnel partner with the SCDE to set the direction for the assessment and to maintain the assessment's alignment with statewide curriculum in the arts. The SCDE serves as the primary funding agency for SCAAP through the Distinguished Arts grant program. R. Scot Hockman, Education Associate for the Visual and Performing Arts at the SCDE, provides guidance for the future of the program as the SCDE representative. Mr. Hockman actively participates in many of the sessions involving the SCAAP Advisory Committees.

Arts Advisory Committees

The SCAAP personnel partner with and hire arts advisory committees comprised of educators acknowledged statewide as leaders in their respective arts areas and who have completed the Curriculum Leadership Institute of the Arts (CLIA) and the Arts Assessment Institute (AAI). Committee members, who have high-level content expertise and training in arts assessment, assist in guiding the direction of the assessment and developing and revising assessment items. These committee members guide the assessments by providing content-area expertise at several points throughout the year, including reviewing and writing multiple-choice items, refining performance task documents, and benchmarking student performance tasks in preparation for rating.